Know the Solução RH’s services offer for your company:

1 - Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment process:

1. Consult to several sources.
2. Use the available ways.
3. The works can be developed at our Main office and/or in our Branch, that are properly equipped for it or we will be mounted close support structures to each recruitment place and/or selection that will be necessary, with professionals.
4. Selection.
5. Initial interview of pre selection

Candidates that are inside of the requested profile will be able to:
To be tested inside of the patterns demanded by the Company.
To be avaliated with tests if the company wants.
To be directed for tests and/or interview in the Company.
Candidates no approved will receive correspondence of gratitude for the participation in the selective process.

2 - Organizational diagnosis

Study of communication ways, relationship levels identification, the motivation and the climate’s work, for an appropriate work and administration of the possible conflicts that exist.

3 - Training Project
(Professional improvement)

The Training and the people's improvement when seen as competitive strategy seeks to improve the organization through their collaborators' continuous learning, improving their performance continually in the organizational context.

4 - Psychological evaluation for selection, promotion and training

Considered as an efficient instrument to the selection process, for obtaining complete information, settling down a prognostic about adaptation, acting and assimilation of knowledge, besides the perspectives of professional access, inside of the typical community of the Company.

The evaluation can be accomplished by the following processes:

Reality Tests:
Developed together with the Company, allowing to deepen the knowledge of the dimensions of the position and to involve the requisitante directly in the selection process.

Psychological Test:
Batteries of tests are elaborated with base in the descriptions of positions supplied by the Customer, or developed by our team respecting the demands specify of each Company. They involve the following stages:

Tests for evaluation of mental level
Tests of aptitudes specifies
Personality tests
Individual interview and/or group dynamics
Correction, analysis and evaluation of the cases for the psychologists
Elaboration and sending the decisions for the Companies
Decisions of different models can be supplied and they can be applied according to the Customer's choice.

Synthetic decision:
Recommended for position that demand labor no specialized or semi-specialized.

Analytical decision:
Recommended for managerial positions or functions of Management, however could be used in all of the levels.

Potential Evaluation:
Wide survey of the personality aspects and aptitudes, seeking to direct the individual for the area of the company, that the person can adapt better and use all his potencial.

Graphology Analysis:
It can be used psychological evaluation close to if requested by the Customer or as only evaluation. It is a rich instrument to pick individual characteristics and prognostics of functional acting uniting with an individual interview.

5 - Workforce supply

We maintain services rendered contracts with several organizations of great loads, in the most several areas, as: cleaning; cup services; receptionists; telephony; gardening; driver; telemarketing.

To assist personnel needs in the cases of accumulation of services, vacations of effective personnel, disease for period of up to 90 days.

6 – People’s Selection

We put to the disposition of our customers, in our database, the best available professionals in the job market. We looked for, selected and recruited the professionals with every secrecy and, strictly, inside of the requested profile, for all of the hierarchical levels, in the most several possible areas, in effective character, perfectly fitting to the needs and the philosophy of work of your company.

We valued the selective process as one of the preponderant factors that it causes the difference in the intransigent competitiveness in the world of the businesses. Therefore, we have as objective puts the people in functions that allow to real use of potential. We used techniques and tools that aid us in the identification of the main technical and behavioral competences. We counted with safe sources of recruitment, besides narrow relationship with the market. All this guarantees the quality in the qualified professional's search.


When the candidate doesn’t adapt, we guaranteed the contracted professional's replacement for to 90 days of the date of the first placement (without any additional expense), could be opted for a new professional's placement, inside of the wage of the previous, in any other function.

Happening difference, the same will be taken to debit into your account through the emission of the corresponding complemental invoice.

Our Customers can be used of our facilities for interviews with marked hour (if want), preserving like this the total secrecy of the requested position.

7 – Trainees


We recruited and selected students of technical and superior level, making subsequent direction to the customer to assist to their needs. We offered services differentiated that include the rising of the profile and the search close to the teaching institutions seeking the ideal trainee's selection for your company. Everything this done by qualified professionals that analyze the Real need’s company.

All our trainees go by a selective process and they participate in a training program that looks for to prepare the student well for a passage happened in the company. They are oriented as for the business atmosphere, posture, professional ethics and quality in the work. In that way, we believed that every day the market has more professionals in activity, working with competence and satisfaction.