Contest of Comlurb attracts more than 75 thousand in two days of registration. Candidates look for wage of R$475, and benefits.

The numbers surprise: in only two days, 75.017 candidates enrolled to dispute one of the 1.200 vacancies of the contest for street sweeper of Comlurb. And, if the last selection was marked by the long lines in the Sambódromo, now, the easiness of enrolling for the internet attracted 65.341 competitive. Already the headquarters of phone services received 8.460 connections - 1.216 of those candidates had already participated in the previous contest.

Just some complained of the traffic jam of the lines. Rafael Lerner, Comlurb’s Director Administration, explains that it won't be necessary to move more people for the service, because the tendency is that the number of connections falls. "The registrations will stay for 45 days. I understand candidates' affliction, but they will have time to enroll. Besides, most is opting for the internet", he explains.

For the director, the great search, is becouse of three factors: The high unemployment, the credibility of the company and the warranty of wage payment in day.

Benefits also attract candidates for the selection:

For consultants, other factors contribute to the high index of registrations. The accomplishment of a dream, unemployment in discharge, benefits and stability help to decide. It is "the opportunity to return to the work activities, with the stability of a public job", Vivian Leite Borges affirms, Novezala’s human resources consultant.

The wage of R$475 for a position that just demands the fourth academic level, is other point that gets the attention, in Moema Aquino's opinion, the Solução RH’s consultant. "With that academic level, many people work receiving minimum wage, but they never get a job. The remuneration attracts because, the clerk’s wage, that demands eleven academic level, is of R$416. The job warranty is also the dream of all."


Jornal: Odia
Autor: Valéria Maniero